Fixing a hole...

For SWTAW cause it looks like everyone’s having fun! Just pulled my old legacy photoset and slapped on my newbies for fun as well. Ladies above are as follows!

Arveene - [corruption sorceror] - my main babbu, “the rebellious smart-mouth”, former slave to a hutt, big chip on her shoulder, bitter and takes it out on people by being a complete sassbox and not taking any authority (sith, imperial, jedi, or otherwise) seriously while turning around and having a complete soft-spot for the downtrodden or everyman.

Mezearia - [telekinetics sage] - “the idealistic bookworm”, starry-eyed nerd jedi who thinks everything can be solved using diplomacy, research, and jedi teachings, can be preachy, can be naive, wants to know everything about everything, is learning the hard way that the Republic isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Megaria (“Ria”) - [defensive guardian] - “the impulsive protector”, former Balmorran, daughter of the rebellion, trained to be in the military before the Empire killed her family and she was brought to the temple, has a temper, no sympathy for imperials or those who align w/ them, good intentions but thinks a fist-fight solves problems better than a mind trick, jokes around too much for a proper jedi

Bryss - [marksman sniper] - “the cold-hearted loyalist”, sarcastic, calculating, does whatever it takes to help the Empire, whether that’s good or ill, doesn’t leave loose ends, enjoys her crew’s company but takes awhile to warm up to someone (NOTE* I’m not very far into the IA storyline, so no spoilers with her please!)

Kystia - [sith marauder] - “the terse philanthropist” - not well-developed yet, but she’s taciturn, follows orders but quietly aids those in need, tries to use her status for good without drawing attention to herself, does not want the spotlight and is not one for good conversation - anyone wants more caps of her, shoot an ask and I can send more.

Aldyth - [powertech bounty hunter] - “the moneygrubbing egoist” - don’t know much except for putting money before all else, thinks she’s the best thing since sliced bread, is a jerk to pretty much everyone but her crew or unless schmoozing will get her some extra cash, even then would rather just blast you away and rob you for it - again, if you need more caps, let me know!

Have fun! I hope to be doodling my own contributions between moving out of my apartment this week.

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